Core Body of Knowledge: Core Beliefs

  • 1

    Children are born ready to learn.

  • 2

    Every human being is a unique individual, with diverse modes of learning and expression as well as interests and strengths.

  • 3

    Children are worthy of the same respect as adults.

  • 4

    Children's needs for shelter and for physical, intellectual, emotional, and social nourishment must be met for them to grow, develop, and learn to their fullest potential.

  • 5

    Children have the right to secure, trusting relationships with adults and to safe, nurturing environments

  • 6

    Children learn through play.

  • 7

    Children construct their own knowledge based on their curiosity and driven by their interactions. This active construction is facilitated by interaction with adults and other children.

  • 8

    Children's learning is active and follows a recurring path: awareness, exploration, inquiry and application.

  • 9

    Children learn best when exposed to and engaged in high-quality environments, interactionsm, and relationships.

  • 10

    Children learn best when adults in their lives work in partnership with one another.

  • 11

    All children and their families, regardless of their ethnic origins, value systems, faiths, customs, languages, and compositions, must be equally respected.

  • 12

    Families and children have the right to support systems that foster their growth and development.

  • 13

    Teaching and learning are dynamic, integrated, and reciprocal processes.