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A Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children.

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  • 3.1
    Observation and Assessment Tools
    • 3.1.a
      Assesses children's progress across all developmental areas
    • 3.1.b
      Uses multiple methods for data-collection (i.e., work samples, anecdotal records, photographs, frequency counts, checklists, videotapes, etc.)
    • 3.1.c
      Uses multiple sources to assess children (i.e., their conversations, misunderstandings, questions, play, work samples, etc.)
    • 3.1.d
      Develops and/or uses assessments that are aligned with curriculum or development goals and have clear relevance for daily planning and curriculum development
  • 3.2
    • 3.2.b
      Reviews and considers information the family has provided about their child, as well as information provided by other programs or teachers, before beginning an assessment
    • 3.2.c
      Encourages families to share the concerns, hopes and developmental goals they have for their child
    • 3.2.d
      Ensures that assessment procedures are culturally and linguistically appropriate
    • 3.2.e
      Ensures that multiple measures are used to assess children (i.e., observations, curriculum-based assessments, work samples, clinical opinion, etc.)
    • 3.2.i
      Considers children's strengths and needs across all developmental domains when giving an assessment and interpreting results
    • 3.2.j
      Uses assessment tools that are relevant to curriculum or program planning
  • 4.9
    • 4.9.f
      Uses developmentally appropriate assessment to assess children's progression toward curriculum goals

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