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Miss Michelle Preparing for Lunch Part 3

CBK Connections

  • 5.3
    Follows Proper Regulatory Agency Procedure
    • 5.3.f
  • 1.7
    English Language Learners
    • 1.7.c
      Provides meaningful ways for children to develop competence with the English language
  • 5.9
    Mealtime Experience
    • 5.9.b
      Provides time, support and opportunities for simple food preparation, self-serving and self-feeding
    • 5.9.e
      Encourages children to try a wide variety of foods, but does not force children to eat or place food items on their plate
    • 5.9.f
      Presents all components of the meal simultaneously, including fruit and drink
    • 5.9.g
      Is responsive to children's food preferences and respects each child's order of consumption
    • 5.9.h
      Makes sure children sit at a comfortable height in relation to the tabletop. Children's feet should touch the floor or a foot rest.
    • 5.9.i
      Uses plates and utensils appropriate for children's size and skills
    • 5.9.j
      Sits and engages in conversation with children during snack and mealtimes